cell hell

Why does everything go ding?

Is it just me or does the whole entire world make a noise now? I mean everything that you touch makes some kind of awareness sound. The microwave, cell phone, computer etc… Ding, bing, ping and cacophony of other related noises and sounds intent on getting your attention. When I was ...

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Will humans take the chip?

It is all leading up to this. Let us just call them the Powers That Be, they are the people behind the scenes. You know they are there in the back of your mind, but the little voice in your head says "nah, that can't happen". Well folks it is almost here, the kick off of the implant era and the PTB are just tickled about it. One forefront is...

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Debunking the big bang theory!

When I was 8 years old I read Albert Einstein's biography. I was totally hooked, while other young boys were enamored with dinosaurs and sports, I was fascinated by science. My adopted hero was Einstein and the plethora of figures that came before and after him, my mother thought I was completely nuts. To top it off...

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