big bang theory

Debunking the Big Bang Theory!

Setting the Stage

When I was 8 years old I read Albert Einstein's biography. I was totally hooked, while other young boys were enamored with dinosaurs and sports, I was fascinated by science. My adopted hero was Einstein and the plethora of figures that came before and after him, my mother thought I was completely nuts. To top it off, my father and grandfather owned a bookstore in NYC that also sold old magazines and comic books. Every weekend my father brought home two shopping bags of used comic books and my brother, who is a year younger, and I had the weekend to read them all before school on Monday. My favorites were Green Lantern and Dr Strange, super heros on a galactic scale. Now combine these two catalysts and you come with one weird kid/adult. When I went to college I bowed out of my science classes (they were too easy and not fun enough) and went into the theatre instead (oh, my parents were pissed).

Bazinga or Agnizab (my version) this!

Newton, Oppenheimer and Einstein are playing baseball (from left to right, the three characters in the cartoon that maybe some of you younger people might not know). The ball is the flow of the events in the universe symbolizing the progress of the big bang. The ball's path includes the event of inflation in the Universe. What? The laws of physics and gravity are suspended for millions of years, you have got to be kidding. Why? Oh, so we can say that everything reverts back to a singularity, what bunk! The scientific community just altered history so they get what they want. If there was nothing, somebody or something had to DO something. Like think the Universe into existing or push a button, yeah sure. The just want to equate science with religion and make a connection that a creator may have to be involved, wow! The even tagged the Higgs boson as the "God particle", kiddies all of this is PR on a grand scale to get the masses to accept it.

Dark Matter/Dark Energy

What does the Universe look like to you? I loved Einstein because his powers of observation were like a child and powers of proving things were as of a genius, a potent combination. An ocean, something dominate and naturally occurring in nature right here on earth. I'll sum it up for you very easily. The Universe is an ocean that was always there but contracted. Dark Matter is the water and Dark Energy is the kinetic energy driving the current. The matter in the Universe rides the current just like a lilly pad floating on a slow river. The tide flows in and the tide flows out. Each time it contracts to the state to where the forces want it to expand again, it gets a little bigger. The Universe was always there and always will be. In billions of years, gravity its great master, will change the tide again and it will flow in the other direction. Just like the magnetic poles will eventually swap places on earth (again) and the continents shift. Thank you Albert!

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