device hell

Why does everything go ding?

Is it just me or does the whole entire world make a noise now? I mean everything that you touch makes some kind of awareness sound. The microwave, cell phone, computer etc… Ding, bing, ping and cacophony of other related noises and sounds intent on getting your attention. When I was young it was just the ring, ring, ring of the telephone and all else in the world was quietly sublime. Calmness, you could hear the swoosh of the wind, the patter of rain and appreciate the natural world around you. Now there is a symphony of noise fighting to permeate your cerebral attention and it is only getting worse! Soon we won't be able to think with the myriad of sound pollution that is created by our modern existence. Let us not forget the hum of the freeway, the whoosh of street traffic and the roar of the pageant of delivery trucks. The future portends to be a cyclone of alerts and ambient noises that will stupefy our daily conciseness. Imagine sleeping and having things go ding, bing and ping. Next we get a suspiciously ticking package delivery in our dreams, I mean nightmares!

So what is to be done?

Well, there are few places left on earth you can hide from societal progress and the specter of evolving invasive technology. Short of that, I would say unplug yourselves as much as you can when it is not totally necessary to communicate. Restrict harmful ambient noise whenever possible, that adds general stress on your mind. Turn off the devices and listen to your own thoughts for a change. The mind is a wonderful thing it can go many places, if you just enable it. Apple is to unveil software that helps cure iPhone addiction. Do you think we have gone too far? Yup! A woman at my local bar was playing a game on her phone. I turned and asked her a question. "What if I took that away from you, what would you do?" The response was quite stark and unexpected. "Over my cold dead body you will!" She is a software engineer at a major corporation. Ok kids, we are too enveloped in the mystique and allure of our devices. If you analyze it, that is just what the powers that be want. A mentally enslaved consumer that is a vassal to their devices. Perennially subjugated minds that are constantly tethered to their flow of data, tracking and propaganda.


Gary Robert Blue

2D & 3D Digital Artist

Presentation Designer

Future Tech Writer

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