rfid chip

Will humans take the chip?

The Chiperroneous Dichotomy (yes, I watch the Big Bang Theory)

It is all leading up to this. Let us just call them the Powers That Be, they are the people behind the scenes. You know they are there in the back of your mind, but the little voice in your head says "nah, that can't happen". Well folks it is almost here, the kick off of the implant era and the PTB are just tickled about it.

The Contraptionation Preamble

Well, there are few places left on earth you can hide from societal progress and the specter of evolving invasive technology. Short of that, I would say unplug yourselves as much as you can when it is not totally necessary to communicate. Restrict harmful ambient noise whenever possible, that adds general stress on your mind. Turn off the devices and listen to your own thoughts for a change. The mind is a wonderful thing it can go many places, if you just enable it. Apple is to unveil software that helps cure iPhone addiction. Do you think we have gone too far? Yup! A woman at my local bar was playing a game on her phone. I turned and asked her a question. "What if I took that away from you, what would you do?" The response was quite stark and unexpected. "Over my cold dead body you will!" She is a software engineer at a major corporation. Ok kids, we are too enveloped in the mystique and allure of our devices. If you analyze it, that is just what the powers that be want. A mentally enslaved consumer that is a vassal to their devices. Perennially subjugated minds that are constantly tethered to their flow of data, tracking and propaganda.

Telecomosis Maximus Distriuptus Endeavor

The New iPhone X, a subcutaneous implant that accesses the auditory chamber and has a protruding microphone. All you have to do is tap it and you can answer your call. Oh, I am sure that everyone will knock it off and it will be pervasive over the earth. (sorry, Spirt of Steve) I have seen this one coming since the mid 1990s. Later it will morph into an interactive device that communicates directly with the brain. All the neuro interplay you could ever want, with streaming data and games. And at no extra charge both models come with a free GPS. Hah, now the PTB has you, your bugged. They can track you anywhere, anytime and in the second model, the XX, monitor your thoughts.

The Obamacareus Configurationatory Plan

"All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant Per Obamacare"

"A catch, there's always a catch" -Hellboy

Now there is not much data yet on this initiative but I a sure they will market the hell out of it. Mothers, chip your children incase they are lost or abducted. I am sure that will be the spin the government will use to get populace to commit the deed. Then of course the logic will be evident. Parents, if it is good enough for your kids you owe to them to get the chip also. Then influence the rest of the population to follow suit. You won't get your medical benefits unless you have the chip. Oh, the PTB has been planning this for a generation. According to my friend Joe Flower, healthcare speaker & futurist, from a meeting in San Diego in 2001. "They already have the chip, it is just a question when they are going to use it", blank faces stared doelike into space and the worms ate into his brain. Also, "Many people don't know Walt Disney's head is in cryosleep", which drew a gasp from the audience. Now can't you just see him returning Borglike to rule over this Brave New World!

"Danger Will Robinson" -Lost in Space

Everything I say comes true, I just don't know when it will happen."

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